Writing Wednesdays #25

Welcome back! Happy Wednesday! Today is a bittersweet day. This Writing Wednesdays post marks the last section of the NaNoWriMo novels. However, this does not mean the end of the Writing Wednesdays posts! As I start to revise the first draft of my 2012 novel (finally, I know), with the working title of “Experiences at […]

Writing Wednesdays #24

Happy Wednesday! Everyone swallowed simultaneously. “This was really hard for me. I don’t like assigning things to my closest friends. So I wanted to make it as fun as possible, so I thought I would give everyone a topic or topics that suited their interests. Hunter – Since you mentioned castles, I want you to […]

Writing Wednesdays #23

Welcome back! Happy Wednesday! B&W again. Skype works for us. It’s definitely not preferred, but Lizzy’s right. At least we’ll get to see each other’s faces while communicating. We’re in. Bill and Anabelle went next: Skype has always been interesting to us, though we’ve never used it. Let’s try it and see what happens! Lizzy […]

Writing Wednesdays #22

Happy Wednesday! Anabelle sighed. She covered his hand with her right hand. “Bill, I’m sorry. It hurts me to see you upset. I’m just overwhelmed. I know you want to help, but I’m just not sure how you can help me.” Bill looked at her. “Sweetheart, you can talk to me. I will literally help […]

Writing Wednesdays #21

Welcome back! Happy Wednesday! “What’s wrong, baby?” Bethany looked up, startled. She softened as Will glanced at her, flecks of concern and worry in his beautiful brown eyes. She hated to see him worry, but she also wanted to be honest with him. “I’m not quite sure, to be completely honest. I’m euphoric that this […]

Writing Wednesdays #20

Happy Wednesday! After the initial shock wore off, and stopping several times for brief chats with sorority sisters and old friends, they finally settled in the library. Since it was early on a Saturday, it was basically deserted, very quiet and peaceful – Perfect. They quickly laid claim to one of the biggest study rooms […]

Writing Wednesdays #19

It’s Wednesday again! Here’s the next installment of “Discussion of Differences” – Enjoy! As she drove toward Will’s house after work, she spoke potential responses to Hunter aloud. She knew something would eventually bubble up to the surface. Bethany parked in Will’s driveway and hustled inside – It was really starting to be autumn, with […]

Writing Wednesdays #18

Welcome back! Happy Wednesday! Enjoy the next installment of “Discussion of Differences.” But hear this – You can do this. You’re so close. Just buckle down and endure these last few weeks – I promise that the end result will be so worth it.” Lizzy sniffled and considered her words carefully. “Thanks, B. Really. It’s […]

Writing Wednesdays #17

Welcome back to the latest installment of “Discussion of Differences.” Bethany caught Hunter’s eye. She deliberated folded the note as Hunter watched. She nudged Will, and silently motioned to the note and then to Hunter. Will merely nodded and passed it along. Hunter took the note from Will and immediately gave it to Lisanna. She […]

Writing Wednesdays #16

Happy Wednesday! Enjoy the latest installment of “Discussion of Differences.” Anabelle went first. “So, of course y’all know that Bill and I are getting married. We’re thinking about sometime next year. And it wouldn’t be a happy wedding without all four of you being a part of it. So, the question is, how will this […]