Getting Personal #221: August Goals Recap

Welcome back! Here’s the link to my August Goals post: Getting Personal #219: August Goals Here are my goals for the month of August: Donate blood. — Semi-Achieved. Celebrate my birthday! — Accomplished! Finish the book I’m currently reading, and publish the review. — Accomplished! Get the photos and other wall hanging items off the […]

Getting Personal #172: June Goals Recap

June felt like a bit of a marathon. Oh well. It was a good month! Here’s the link to my June Goals post: Getting Personal #170: June Goals Ready? Here we go! See Dark Phoenix. — Accomplished! Test out the “natural” weed killer recipe. — Accomplished! Plant mosquito-repelling plants in our front flower beds. — Did […]

Adventure Time: Florida Edition (Round 3 – Richard Madan’s Celebration of Life & Family Trip)

It’s a funny thing sometimes, your conscience. Saturday, April 7th, was my Uncle Richard’s 68th birthday. It was a busy Saturday, but this little voice in my head kept reminding me to call him for his birthday. Between a successful blood drive and going out to dinner with our friends Casey and Beth, that voice […]