Hot Topic #32: Justice for George Floyd (Chauvin Guilty on All Counts)

My hands are shaking as I write this post. I’m in disbelief. I never thought I would see and hear these words, live-streamed for all the world to witness: Count I – Second-degree unintentional murder, GUILTY Count II – Third-degree murder, GUILTY Count III – Second-degree manslaughter, GUILTY Derek Chauvin has been found guilty on […]

Hot Topic #31: Reforming The Police

First of all, I want to say that the word “defund” in this context is inflammatory and a poor word choice. I do not plan to use that word here when I am communicating my intentions. Feel free to reach out in the comments if you have questions. John Oliver just covered this for Last […]

Hot Topic #30: Thoughts on The Murder of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, White Privilege, and Being An Ally

George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 25, 2020. Black Lives Matter. If there’s one thing that I understand completely, it’s that I have white privilege. I’m committed to being a better ally. Over the last week and a half, I’ve asked a lot of questions. Shout-out to my wonderful husband for being […]

Hot Topic #28: Foster Care and Opioids

Research published in July 2019 indicates that the number of children entering the foster care system has more than doubled since 2000. Other reasons for removal, including neglect and abuse, declined. Coincidentally, Sesame Street introduced a new Muppet around the same time. Karli is staying with her “for-now” family while her mom is away getting […]

Hot Topic #27: Purdue Pharma

Purdue Pharma announced it was filing for bankruptcy on Sunday, September 15, 2019. They have been in the news for so long. What does this mean? Hopefully this post will show you the history of this company, their impact on the opioid crisis, and what may happen next. Purdue Pharma History It was founded in […]

Commentary #92: “Are we policing books too hard or not enough? Are we helping books get banned? Controversial Book Discussion Post. (Massive warning for triggers and hot topics throughout the whole blog post.) Do not read if you don’t feel comfortable with heavy topics/triggers.”

I really appreciated her perspective. I don’t agree with everything she said/wrote, but I felt it was such a good read that I had to share it. Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

Hot Topic #25: Teachers On Strike

First, it was teachers walking out in West Virginia. Then, it was teachers in Oklahoma and Kentucky. All of them have one thing in common: They have gone on strike, to protest numerous issues. These include low pay, pension laws, and the abysmal state of the public school education system in the United States. Timeline […]

Hot Topic #24: Thoughts on the LGBT+ Community

Disclaimer: I have several friends who are part of the LGBT+ community. I tried to write this post as objectively as possible, and I mean no disrespect to anyone! If you have questions for me, please make a constructive comment on this post, or use my Contact page. Thank you! What does the acronym LGBT+ […]