Commentary #111: “50 Best Films About Writers, Ranked”

I stumbled upon this article when I was researching a daily film challenge post for Facebook. The question that day was: “A film where a character has a job you want.” My answer: Finding Forrester (2000) Here’s the link to the article about the 50 best films: 50 Best Films About Writers, Ranked |Flavorwire Now, […]

Commentary #110: Fatphobia in the Medical System, and Thin Privilege

I found this on Facebook on July 29, 2020. It was originally shared by Heatherina Lavender on May 25, 2018. This was utterly shocking to me. I’m ashamed of how shocking it was. No wonder Americans have issues with eating disorders! The resounding comment I got when I shared this on my Facebook page/profile was […]

Commentary #109: Thoughts on “13th”

As part of my continuing education on Black Lives Matter and becoming a better ally, I wanted to sit down and watch this documentary on Netflix. Immediately after finishing it, I wanted to watch it again. I was overwhelmed, horrified, and angry. Ava DuVernay is a master. The interviews that were conducted spanned from activists, […]

Commentary #107: “Everything Wrong with Rachel Hollis”

A wonderful friend shared this YouTube video earlier this week on her Facebook page: Everything Wrong with Rachel Hollis (Deep-Dive) I’ll admit, I was originally intrigued by Rachel Hollis. See the bikini photo above. Several authors I follow on social media, and a few bloggers, have lauded her personality and her business, among other things. […]

Commentary #106: “The Public Library as a 21st-Century Indoor City Square”

My cousin Ryan sent me this link recently, and I was immediately intrigued! Here’s the link: The Public Library as a 21st-Century Indoor City Square This article was published in March 2019, but it’s a really cool idea. The U.S. should really start paying more attention to what the Europeans are doing! The premise: Amsterdam-based […]

Commentary #105: “I Wrote A Research Paper About The Publishing Industry … Here’s What I Found”

I thought Charis Rae’s research was so awesome, I wanted to share it! Here’s the link to Charis Rae’s post: I Wrote A Research Paper About the Publishing Industry … Here’s What I Found Charis brought up some excellent points and statistics. Here are a few of them: Nearly 100,000 books were published by major […]

Commentary #104: “Ten Books I Wish I Had Read As A Teen” (Top Ten Tuesday)

I saw several posts recently about ten books I wish I had read as a teen! Books, Libraries, Also Cats – Top Ten Tuesday Books I Wish I’d Had As A Teen The Bookish Hooker – Ten Books I Wish I Had Read As A Child bookloversblog – Top Ten Tuesday #261 that artsy reader […]

Commentary #103: “The Elegance of Kindness”

This post started with an email and a YouTube link. Thanks, Momma V.! Al’s mom sent this link to me, asking if I’d seen it: Story Behind the Song: The Rainbow Connection I hadn’t, so I clicked on it. It’s a bit dated now – It was posted in October 2016. However, what I clicked […]

Commentary #102: “More Pizza And Fries? USDA Proposes To ‘Simplify’ Obama-Era School Lunch Rules”

NPR is one of my go-to sources. I’ve written several posts on articles from them. When I read this headline a while ago, I knew I needed to write about it: More Pizza And Fries? USDA Proposes To ‘Simplify’ Obama-Era School Lunch Rules I also saw this article as a challenge to myself. I’m not […]