Getting Personal #271: Twentieth TBR Recap

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Welcome back!

Here’s what I’ve read since my last TBR post:

  1. Elliott, T.E., Service and Slumber: A Historical Tale Inspired by Sleeping Beauty (The Beast’s Legacy Book 2) — Review coming soon!
  2. Oviatt, Didi, Sketch — Review coming soon!
  3. Skloot, Rebecca, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
  4. Yee, Lisa, Lea Dives In

Removing from Laura Beth’s TBR

  1. Mlynowski, Sarah, I See London, I See France
  2. Owens, Delia, Where The Crawdads Sing

Laura Beth’s Updated TBR

  1. Bethell, CM, Forged in Fire Book Two – Ayden (The Guardians Series 2)
  2. Cervantes, Angela, Lead With Your Heart (World By Us series)
  3. Cullen, Dave, Parkland: Birth of a Movement
  4. Davis, Michael, Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street
  5. Land, Stephanie, Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive
  6. Macy, Beth, Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company that Addicted America
  7. Patrick, Denise Lewis, See Me, Hear Me, Know Me (World By Us series)
  8. Rosen, L.C., Jack of Hearts (and other parts)
  9. Wyeth, Sharon Dennis, The River and Me (World By Us series)

So, my current TBR is nine (9) books.

Do you have a TBR?

What are you looking forward to reading next?

Until the next headline, Laura Beth 🙂

11 thoughts on “Getting Personal #271: Twentieth TBR Recap

  1. I don’t have a TBR – they then WBR 😀

  2. OMG I read my book!! I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

  3. My mom found a Facebook group with a bunch of our extended family on it, and she learned from some people she met there that their son (my third cousin, specifically) has a self-published fantasy novel. I just finished reading it… it’s an intriguing concept for the first book in a series, which I believe it is, or will be, but he really should have invested more in a proofreader. It was also one of those that felt like it had too many main characters, which made it hard to follow. It took me a long time to read.

    Two days ago, I started Ready Player Two, which has been on my TBR for a few years since I loved the first book so much*. I’m already halfway through, even though it’s longer than my cousin’s book. Hard to say whether I like it as well as the first… it’s definitely written in the same style, a unique combination of Gen-X nostalgia, industrial espionage, and sci-fi dystopian future. At times, though, it kind of feels like trying to hard to make a sequel to a book that didn’t really need one… but I don’t want to make a final verdict until I finish it.

    As I started reading the chapter I was on earlier today, I had a realization about something that would happen in the end… I don’t know yet if that actually will happen, but about a chapter later, Wade had the same realization. So I don’t know if that means the book is unusually predictable or I’m unusually awesome…

    * In the event that anyone reading this is familiar with RP1 from the movie and isn’t aware that the movie was based on a book, and you didn’t hate the movie, go read the book now. I thought the movie was pretty decent, but the book is so much better. The movie oversimplified a lot of the challenges Wade and his friends had to go through, and there was something else that happened in the book that made the story more intense that didn’t happen in the movie.

  4. Hey – This is Iwillnotliveinvain 🙂 I have had to make my previous blog private so I’m restarting at Please consider coming to follow me again over there!

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